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QR (quick response) codes are codes you can scan with your smartphone (iphone, blackberry, droid, etc.) for quick access to websites, lists, maps and more.  At our library, we've added QR codes that link you to lists of other authors to try if you liked a certain book.  To use QR codes, you'll need to download a code scanner to your smartphone, like the free ones you'll find on this website: http://www.lib.muohio.edu/qrreaders.


Network for Good: If you shop online, now you can give online, too.  Donate to the Shenandoah Public Library Foundation using your credit card.  About 5% of your donation goes toward processing fees, and the rest to the 501(c)(3) foundation.  You can also give by check through the mail or by cash or check in person at the library - and all proceeds will go to the foundation.


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