Teen Booktalks
created by Carrie Falk and Joy Stortvedt
Shenandoah Public Library
Updated 8/2012


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These booktalks are listed alphabetically by the title of the book.  Click on a letter range below to go to the page containing the titles that begin with that letter. To the side of the title is a listing of the grade or grades suggested for the booktalk.

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Copyright Notice
The booktalks and lists are for educational purpose only.  They may be copied or adapted by any individual wishing to use them for booktalking.  They may not be copied in whole or reprinted on another website or in a book without the written permission of the creator.  To contact Carrie Falk, please e-mail
shencirc@qwestoffice.net.  To contact Joy Stortvedt, please e-mail libraryq@qwestoffice.net.