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Shenandoah Public Library Foundation

The Shenandoah Public Library Foundation was established by the Trustees of the Library as a non-profit corporation to help, improve and enrich our library. Public, or tax dollars, can create and maintain a good library. Private funds can make it great. The Officers and Directors of the Foundation serve without compensation. The purpose of the Foundation is to inform potential donors of the advantages of gifting to a non-profit foundation, and to point out the community good that can be accomplished by improving our local library. Funds may be given as memorials, bequests by will, or gifts from any source. These may be in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, securities, certificates of deposit, life insurance policies, real estate, furniture, jewelry, art objects, automobiles or anything of value. The donor may wish to specify the gift for a certain project. The Library Foundation Board meeting, in regular session or special session, decides on the proper use of the funds. Funds may be used for remodeling, research material and new equipment. Giving to the Library Foundation is tax-free as per Internal Revenue Service Code 501 (c) (3). Your legal advisor or income tax consultant can assist you in these matters. For further information you may address your inquiry to:

Shenandoah Public Library Foundation
201 South Elm Street
Shenandoah, Iowa  51601

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The Shenandoah Public Library Foundation