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201 S. Elm St., Shenandoah, Iowa, 51601

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Telephone: 712-246-2315
Fax: 712-246-5847

DMCA Designated Agent

Shenandoah Public Library's DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Designated Agent is listed in the DMCA Directory and below.

Designated Agent Contact Information:

Carrie Falk

Shenandoah Public Library
201 S. Elm St
Shenandoah, IA 51601
Phone: 712-246-2315

Service Provider:
City of Shenandoah - Public Library
201 S. Elm St
Shenandoah, IA 51601

Mission Statement

The Shenandoah Public Library

A/V Equipment

The library has a photocopier, a typewriter, computers for word processing and Internet access, a microfilm reader/printer and, a microfiche reader. A machine is available in the Children's Department for converting VHS movies to DVD.  The library also checks out a slide projector, overhead projector, and a portable screen.

Library History

Thanks to Andrew Carnegie, Shenandoah residents enjoy life-long learning opportunities at Shenandoah Public Library. In 1903 Carnegie provided $10,000 to start the library. It formally opened August 2, 1905. As the years passed, progress made it possible to expand the library. In 1955, the library added an auditorium, a kitchenette and the present-day archives storage room. The library grew again in 1988 when Ivan and Caroline Wilson gave a gift funding the north wing. In 2012, the library added on to the east, funded by a grant from Vision Iowa, donations from various individuals, and most of all by the citizens of Shenandoah.

Library Virtual Tour

The Shenandoah Public Library Teen Advisory Group created this video virtual tour in April 2014.  How many times can you find Theo the Bear?

Library Volunteers

The time and talent of our volunteers help keep SPL running.  They not only serve the in-house needs at SPL, they also provide a vital link between the library and the community.

Dependability tops the list of characteristics considered when a potential candidate fills out the volunteer form.  Open-mindedness also proves to be an asset, plus any special abilities.  Volunteers observe regular work rules of the library and agree to follow the library's confidentiality position when dealing with patrons.

Individuals may volunteer for short-term projects or on-going regular service.

Other activities reviewed in our volunteer policy include:

For more details, view a PDF of the Volunteer Policy.