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Getting a Library Card

To get a library card, just visit the library with proof of your address - a driver's license, a letter or a rent receipt with your name and current address.  You will fill out a simple form to receive your card.  All Iowa residents who live in a town whose library participates in the Open Access program or who contract with such a library for library services receive a card free.  Non-residents may register for a family card for a $35 annual fee.  Children may receive a card with parent or legal guardian's signature.  You are limited to 2 items your first check-out, but after that you may check out up to 50 items per card.  Certain items may have other limits, such as 5 DVD's per card.


Fines are not counted on Sundays or holidays.  If fines reach $4.00, no more items can be checked out until the fines are paid.  If an item is damaged beyond reasonable wear, the patron will be asked to pay the replacement cost of the item.

Type Daily Fine Maximum Fine Replacement Cost
Audiobook (Abridged) $0.10 $4.00 $35.00
Audiobook(Unabridged) $0.10 $4.00 $45.00
Book Bags none none $5.00
Books $0.10 $4.00 $35.00
Children's Books $0.05 $2.00 $25.00
DVD $1.00 $4.00 $20.00
Equipment $3.00 $4.00 Cost of Item
Magazines $0.05 $1.00 $10.00
Music CD's $0.10 $4.00 $20.00
Paperbacks $0.05 $2.00 $10.00
Vertical Files $0.05 $1.00  

For a more details on our circulation rules, please read the library's Circulation Policy.